Huawei Modem Small

Firmware (Dashboard) and software (Soft) modem control with customized profiles for Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, etc. operators.

Download Mobile Partner version

– automatic detection of the connection profiles *.

– the ability to make voice calls **.

– ability to send and receive SMS.

– the auto connection function with the communication gap.

– history connections.

– quick balance inquiry + ability to customize your frequently used USSD commands.

– select appearance (Skin Path) 6-piece..

– the small size of the main window, perfect for small displays.

– supports four languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English and Chinese.

– drivers for Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1 version

– the basis is taken Mobile Partner version

Attention! The program HUAWEI Modem Small not universal, and supports the work with all modems HUAWEI.

Supported modems: E150, E153, Е156, Е160 (E, G), E171, E173, E176G, E188, E1550, E1750, E1780, E1800, E1820, E220, E352, E353, E367, E369, E392, 321S, E3131 (420S, M21-1), E3531 (423S(!), M21-4), E3272 (824F, M100-4), E3276 (822F, M150-1). (list will grow)

Not supported modems: modems are managed through a Web Interface (HiLink).

Dear users, if your modem is not listed, download the program* (Soft), install it on your computer and check if it works with your modem, the results unsubscribe in the comments, this will help other users.

Program* (Soft) to Windows. Download  Yandex Disk ( updated 04.12.2014 )

Attention! Before flashing (Dashboard) E3531 modem from MTS (423S) update the firmware Firmware

Firmware** (Dashboard) for Windows. Download – Yandex Disk ( updated 04.12.2014 )

Firmware** (Dashboard) HUAWEI E220 for Windows. Download – Yandex Disk ( updated 23.03.2014 )